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I enjoy working with individuals and families that have been met with challenges that may seem too great to overcome alone. I want to work with those clients struggling to adjust to changes in their life or lifestyle or seek a deeper understanding of how they interact with their world.


I thrive in working with clients that have interest in improving their interpersonal connections whether that be within the nuclear family, work peers, or in the community. I seek to work with individuals that struggle to understand why they interact with themselves and others the way they do because that is the core of wellness. 

I pride myself in creating a judgement free space of expression for all ages. I am skilled at building rapport with teens and putting behaviors and thoughts into words that families and supports can understand. I work hard with individuals to model and teach how to observe ones own limits and boundaries in a skillful manner to maintain relationships and one's self respect.

Areas of Focus in Treatment 

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Borderline Personality Disorder

- Life Adjustments 

- Identity Concerns


- Stress Management 

- General Coping Skills

- Anger Management 

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